here are just a few of the wonderful people and works that we have come across in our journey so far.  do you know of more?  let me know!  because we are about sharing resources and living in community!

People We Recommend
(in other words, we respect these guys!)

Milkwood Permaculture -- teachers of permaculture living the life in Mudgee, NSW.  We've attended several of their seminars and workshops and Nick and Kirsten are an inspiration to us in our journey toward sustainability.
Terra Sancta Permaculture -- permaculture design consultant extraordinaire!  Bob has proven to be very aware of our needs, wants and abilities and has catered to where we are at to get us where we want to go with his design for JustEarth.
Morrigan Farm -- these guys raise heritage breeds and are an example to me of how we want to treat our animals.  just getting to know these guys and appreciate their insights!
Polyface Farms -- home of the Salatin's.  Dad (joe) is well known for his regenerative agriculture that mimics  the way God set things up.  God has a natural and easy place in their lives .... and they have earned respect on both sides of the aisle with their wholistic approach to farming.
Permaculture Research Institute -- Geoff Lawton's home and life ... need i say more!
Allsun Farm -- home of all things about Community Sustainable Agriculture and an inspiration to us.  we have the privilege of learning from them at a Organic Market Garden workshop at Milkwood.  As an older couple they really inspired us that even in our middle years we can really do this!
Taraniki Farm -- a great little homestead in country Victoria doing the job and living the life!  Sustainable agriculture at it's best.

Web Sites Full of Cool Resources

Eden Seeds -- fabulous resource for all getting your seeds
The Italian Gardner -- quality seeds that provide a great resource and also focus on the greens & tomato's that make our gardens shine
Lock the Gate -- get involved in stopping the development of Coal Seam Gas in Australia
Evangelical Environmentalism Network -- the home of Creation Care on the web.  As they say, a ministry dedicated to the care of God's creation. EEN seeks to equip, inspire, disciple, and mobilize God's people in their effort to care for God's creation.
Off The Grid News -- a bit of fun, a bit of funk ... taking the idea of living "off the grid" to every aspect of our lives
Farm Dreams -- facebook for farmers!  it's great .... for the beginner, wanna be and everywhere in between.  connect with others who think like you!
Best Permaculture Homesteading Books -- massive and fairly definitive reading list of the best books out there on permaculture and the related disciplines.

PodCasts Worth a Listen

Chicken Thistle Farms CoopCast -- absolutely love, love, love these guys!  they're on Facebook too.
Cutting the Curd -- everything cheese!
Farm Dreams Farmcast -- focusing on natural, sustainable farming with heritage pigs, turkeys .... and heaps more!
Off The Grid Radio Podcasts -- take some of what he shares with a grain of salt (especially if you aren't american!) ..... but there are some good thots and perspectives here if you take the time to sift through!

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