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Our Family

we are Scott & Maggie.  giving our best to making this world a better place using sustainable techniques (as much as we can!), raising three gorgeous children to know and love their Lord and Father in heaven, and embracing our community, family  and friends!  in the second half of 2011 we made the move to the bush, leaving the suburbia of Sydney far behind, heading out to the Northern Rivers of NSW.

we have 6 acres ... a small farm by just about every standard.  but it is our slice of paradise that we will grow and nurture and tend to become a haven and place of beauty and plenty.  (oh, and no doubt make heaps of mistakes along the way!)

What Caused Us to Change

i'm scott, and i grew up as a meat 'n veg country kid, wasn’t adventurous with food and never gave any thought to how it got on my plate. we got into eating heirloom veggies, then eggs from our own chickens. the food was much better than the store bought stuff.  BUT I was content to eat only and not participate in the process.  then for my birthday i was given a 2 day training course with Milkwood on Aquaponics. that really opened my eyes.  not only did you get food but there was fluid dynamics, things to build, and systems thinking coming into play and that really tweeked my interest.  then i heard about Joel Salatin.  his stuff was about systems and getting the ecology to do the work.   the thing that hit it out of the park for me was his concept that systems were all parts of Gods creation, and that by working with the systems that God put in place we are really being His stewards in this world.  not long after, we moved to the country!  i secured a position with a local business, which enables us to get JustEarth off the ground while still paying the bills. I’ve got a lot to learn about permaculture and good stewardship but really looking forward to what the next decade holds.

i'm maggie.  i have always loved gardening, and one day read a book by Adrienne Langman called Choosing Eden.  it was their journey to a sustainable life just outside of Nana Glen near Coff's Harbour.  their struggles to leave the city and live a sustainable, permaculture life really resonated with me .... especially as middle aged adults with heaps of physical issues to overcome.  a real inspiration!  i attended an intro to permaculture course put on by Milkwood Permaculture and it affirmed for me that this was where my heart was moved to be.  the principles of permaculture are taken straight from the bible (this might be disputed by many on both sides of that argument), and it paved the way for me to heartily call myself a Creation Care advocate.  i have attended a few workshops on permaculture and done heaps of reading.  you can find out more about that journey in my Choosing Simplicity blog.  JustEarth is the culmination of the journey in a way .... to have a piece of land that we are entrusted to be wise stewards of.  and now comes the rest of the story ... living life in community and in harmony with how God intended it to be.

and these are our gorgeous children.  it has been a roller coaster ride for the kids getting adjusted to living in the country and giving up so much of what was familiar.  but they are strong, brave and resilient and have taken the bull by the horns and are excited about being a part of what JustEarth will be ... and carving out their own niche for how they are going to be an integral part of the process (and yes, earn some pocket money!)    God bless their creative little hearts!

from left:  JJ (he wants to grow and sell veggies to be big and strong),
Lea (ensuring we have heaps of flowers to sell and draw is her focus),
and Raymie (his focus?  guinea fowl eggs for all!)

The Method

permaculture is the method for us to work out our commitment to Creation Care.  it is wholistic in its outlook, and it is sustainable ... it represents to us the ideal conduit for living out our convictions.  you'll hear permaculture talked about in heaps of different ways .... but at it's core ... it is about three things...

people care
earth care
fair share

.... and putting all these into balance.  for scott and i it reflects biblical principles of stewardship and sustainability that are peppered all the way through the Bible.  what better method to use than one that reflects biblical principles and the way that our loving heavenly Father intended it to be.

Heritage Breeds

we are committed to the original, beautiful creations that God put here on earth.  there are some amazing animals and plants that we have LOST and we are committed to doing our small part to ensure that those that are left are cherished.  from planting some endangered trees, growing heirloom fruits and veg to raising animals that are on the "vulnerable" list for loosing their blood lines.  part of the beauty of this world is the amazing creatures and plants that God placed here for us to enjoy .... we're giving it a go to do our part to ensure these amazing reflections of his beauty remain something for us to enjoy.

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