Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2 for 1 Deals

it's great news!  new life on the farm!  woohoo!  our dairy cow dropped her calf... you should've seen the excitement yesterday morning when we saw them wandering on the other side of the lagoon yesterday morning!  kids went running down, trudging through the boggy area to get to it .... how fun!
Yeah!  woohoo!  more new life on the farm, right?  well .... you'd like to think to think so!  well ... appearances can be deceiving!

our calf!  woohoo!

that calf likes the long grass!

we had major thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon, and we wanted to try and get them up into the milking paddock to keep them safe.  whew!  that took a lot of hard work, but we finally managed to get it done!  then the rains came and came .... so grateful for the wet, btw.

very excited to go down this morning and see how our little bub was doing .... couldn't find the little bugger.  assumed it wasn't far away ....and we went looking high and low for it ... it was nowhere to be found.  i was so devastated!  those first 48 hours are really important for the calf to get the colostrum it needs from it's mum.   had the kids hunting everywhere .... and even sent them off to look on the far side of the lagoon in case somehow it had managed to wander all the way back over. 

and there i was beating the grass between the milking paddock and the house and i hear the kids yell out .... "mum, we found it!"  deep sigh of relief!  and as i'm walking down to see how we'll get it back over i basically trip over. ... guess what?  the calf that had dissapeared!  my first thot was that the kids didn't really look closely .... but then i look across the lagoon and there stands #1 daughter (she found it) with a second calf!  hubby trugged through the bog and got #2 and brought it back over .... much to the delight of mum .... who, along with calf #1 happily bonded.  

Rosie along with first born (grey on the right) and #2 (brown
one on the left) ... having breakfast!

i am happy to report that mum and kiddo's are happily ensconced in a very secure area now ... with no chance of escape!

enjoy all your bonding time bubs .... that wonderful colostrum and special mummy time!  

names are being bantered about still.  had originally thot of meatball when we had just the one.  but now with two .... things like spaghetti and meatballs or massaman and curry .... are possibilities.  how fun!  i'm sure it will be the fodder for a great discussion around the dinner table tonight!

tomorrow?  raw milk coffee is on the agenda for my breakfast!  woohoo!