Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sad Day on the Farm

said goodbye today to two very special ladies.  our breeders pigs.

specifically .... lucy our sow and suzie our gilt.  it was a hard decision.  but it boiled down to two things:  hard financial farming facts and putting family first.

we did the breakdown on numbers for making money vs how much they cost, vs what it would take to make it profitable .... and well, we just aren't up for that.  we'd need a boar, a few more sows and heaps more infrastructure to begin to make the profit margin worthwhile.

family time.  with our cows and chooks we can let them run.  the cows won't go anywhere as long as they have grass and water.  the chooks free range .... 'nuf said.  the piggies?  well, they need twice a day feeds and heaps of tlc to boot.  we couldn't really go anywhere.  late afternoon outings were a no go zone .... let along overnight's away.  our family time has suffered significantly and with kids that are 8, 10 and 12 .... the time and experiences we have with our children is obviously more important (and i am not getting into the you don't have to go away to have family time thing ... we haven't had a holiday since before the pigs and that just ain't right).

so piggies had to go.  the girls have gone together to a great new home about an hour away where they will have acres of grass and fields to relax in and be in pig heaven.  i couldn't have asked for more.  the piglets will go shortly .... they were always meant for the freezer and four have been sold and we'll keep two for our own freezer.

we'll always raise a few for the table.  that's what self sufficiency is all about .... so having them in some form is part of our lives ... but just not so full on to reduce our overheads and give us our family time back.

thanks for the memories girls.  i've been a bit teary this afternoon .... but i'm happy knowing you are going to a great new home.

Suzy .... love you girl.
Lucy .... gonna miss you babe ... you have such a gentle nature!