Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Patch Restrospective

okay ... so let me tell you that being determined to start a deep, fertile veg patch from scratch on sandy loam is not necessarily the easiest thing to do.  fighting against the patterns of nature that are, quiet honestly, really strong!  is a battle.  reforming and directing those energies that are an innate part of the patterns that our Creator God put is a challenge.  but God made us stewards of this planet, and we need to shape and use the resources to what suits our families needs.  that was our goal.

it all started fabulously.  the piggies started the process for us .... and oh boys!  did they do a great job!  gotta love a pig snout for doing the hard work for you.  they root up the grass, eat it and do a general fab-u-lous job of getting your garden ready!

top:  piggies just going on to work.
bottom:  doing a verra fine job!
and then add the magic of woofers and you have 4 1 x 15 mtr long beds mounded up nice and high, ready to be mulched, and green manured.  excellent!  adding some fabulous nutrient goodness for our spring plant.  turned up a treat too!

the green manures are coming well!
so that was late last winter and early spring.  and the bounty we have had has been fabulous!  tomato's, beans, kang kong coming out our ears .... not to mention the basil and zucchini!

but we could do so much better ....but life on the farm is never as you expect and i made a few major errors.

1) i should've had the area around the beds cleared better to ensure that we didn't have weeds n grass overtaking us.
2) i should've thot about the zucchini i planted ... i love the rondo di nicci .... but it is a vine ... and wanders!  my patch has been taken over.  ironically it has probably helped keep the weeds at bay a bit .... but not that well!
btw:  love the zucchini .... just need to find a different place to plant it!

3) need triple the amount of mulch that we currently have.  a trailer load of 20 bales is no where near enuf .... more .... gotta have more mulch.  weed inhibitor and seedling protector!
Need more mulch!
so here is what we have today ....being transparent about my failures!

can you see the leeks peeking out through the grass?

tomato, basil and chooks ... a great combo!
so...where to from here?  we had a great start ... we could do better.  take stock and do it again.  i can't wait!

it's time for the winter patch plant (bring on the broad beans)... including a good clean out and seed ordering (my favourite part!).  but it was important to be honest about where we are at.  truly won't be too hard to get back in order.  once we start pulling up stuff and weeding .... will cover it with a massive amount of mulch and newspaper to help keep those weeds at bay!  bit by bit and little by little .... it'll come together ...

and as soon as i have my seeds in hand .... i'll be back!!!!  toilet rolls in hand!