Monday, July 21, 2014

No Idle Hands Here ...

lest you think we have not been busy ...

oh we have been.... from fun to frantic, from piggies to planting .... it has been far from an idle winter season, and we have no doubts that it will bring on a very busy spring.

so much preparation, so much of the "doing what you can, with what you have, where you are ..."  it's just our lives at the farm!

here is a small snapshot of what we have been up to ... with the help of some young and burley woofers we have been doing a bit of digging and building!

Piggies ....

we processed another pig a weekend ago.  
he had a good life and we are grateful for his final gift to us.  

we also brought to more pigs into our clan.
the landrace is banquet .... we will process him later this year.
the little wessex saddleback is Suzy ... we are hoping that she will grow
to be a new sow and breeder for us, along with our other sow, Lucy.  
as long as Suzy learns her place and stops trying to escape and get stuck
in the electric fencing we should be right with this!

Veggie Patch .....

first goal is to feed our family.  come spring we should be growing enuf food
to not have to buy any more from our local co-op.  
enter our spring veg patch.  it started 3 months ago with pigs rooting through it.
today it is 4 x 14.5 metre long beds ready to be planted out.  lovely
saw dust borders that will help keep grass out and a 
comfrey weed border is in, cow pats maturing and green
manure has been ordered.  bring it on!

and watering.  this is a challenge ... but our IBC willl get filled
and used for watering our veg patch.  along with our worm
farm ... this will have a direct line into our water feed ... 
so all that yummy worm tea can go straight into our garden.

Fun ....
lest you think we haven't had any fun .....
we inaugurated our cob oven .... 
pizza and wine was enjoyed!

and of course, campfires ...
with children laughing and having fun.
who could ask for more?

winter is settling in and we are already thinking about spring.
winter is a time of preparation,
fun and family
frenzied activity
and enjoying this amazing world we live in.

may you take the time to stop, enjoy family
and friends and engage
with the wonderful people
in your lives.


  1. Maggie- this new property has really been the making of the Just Earth idea. I am amazed just how far this girl from the Blue Mountains has come in such a very short time. And yes, less blogging often means more doing...same here on the farm too!!

  2. Hi Kim! so good to hear from you! i sometimes get to the little black cow blog! hope you guys are doing well! i never went into this with a romantic view on farming .... always knew it would be hard work ... that has certainly proven to be true! thanks for checking in!

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