Friday, November 8, 2013

what the??????

we certainly can't claim to be the first to have taken a new fork in the road.

when we left Sydney two+ years ago we were following a dream.  one of creation care activists ... living off the land in a sustainable way that honoured this world that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with.

it has been a wild, fun and wonderful two years .... but it's time for another change.  another re-jig of that dream to build on our strengths and assist in our weaknesses (oh yea!  we have heaps of those!).

strength:  what am amazing sense of community in this beautiful little country town.  we have been overwhelmed with the acceptance of us, our children and our desire to live this sort of life.  people here are happy with a simple life and always ready to lend a helping hand.  how awesome is that!

strength:  we found that we actually do have tenacity!  some folks were not sure we could do this ... but we have persevered and continued to face each challenge and make the best out of what gets dished out to us each day.

strength:  willingness to be wrong and learn .... 'nuf said!

weakness:  niave.  big time ... probably trusting in some folks more than we should with regard to how our future unfolds.  but at the end of the day, we'd rather be naive than to be cynical.  if you want to know more about that .... come on over and have a bottle of wine in hand!

weakness:  age and time.  lets face it, we aren't spring chickens any more .... and while hubby is an amazing man .... he can't make more than 24 hours in a day.  so when it comes to building and putting infrastructure in place, it became very slow and things just couldn't get done.  and even more importantly .... it was a bit of a drudge.  working a full time job and trying to help with the farm was just too much!

this whole situation was further exacerbated by the fact that all the banks decided that they didn't want to cover the risk of the house we wanted to build.  too risky, too different .... just "too" .... <sigh>  which has left us feeling deflated and defeated.

what next???

well .... chin up ... look at all that we have and trust our Loving Father for His provision.

so, we are humbly taking a deep breath and moving on.  to what????

to JustEarth .... mark 2.

we have found a place, just 20 minutes from town that will give us more than we could have ever dreamed of.  a house (albeit not hugely sustainable .... but we can fix that!), 2 dams, a lagoon and 100 acres.  and more importantly .... some basics already in place with a big shed, fire trails, a cattle yard .... you get the picture .... INFRASTRUCTURE.

so much more than we could have ever imagined (and isn't that how God loves to work??? giving us more than we could dream of??)

so watch this space, yet again.  looks like the dream is growing .... allowing hubby to do his full time job and enjoy our home as well ...

here we go again!!!!!  building JustEarth on a different scale, in a different way.  but still using those creation care / permaculture principles of people care, earth care and fair share.


p.s.  if you want a squiz at our new place, you can see it here ....


  1. How exciting!!! I get the need for infrastructure. It takes a very wise person to change things when they are not working - seems to me though this isn't a fork , but a really good idea headed in the same direction as you have been thinking all along.

  2. thanks for the encouragement kim! it was a hard decision .... so much blood sweat and tears already invested .... but we are very excited about the potential that this new place offers us!

  3. Oh Maggie it looks wonderful! It must have been a really really tough decision, but we know that He is working for your good in this. I'm sure the kids will love the new place, and it is wise that you don't continue to stress yourselves beyond your capacity.