Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Angry Birds...

i have angry birds .... very angry birds!

or at least that is my assumption.  how do i know you ask?  well ... we have gone from 6-8 eggs a day to 0 ... almost overnight.

yeah ... a big fat ZERO.

consider this a life lesson in changing the accommodation arrangements for your chooks.  i have given them a piece of my mind ... told them to get their act together or they would be chicken soup.  but i can't do that.  you see, i know the real reason .... and it's just one of those farm life lessons.

  • we moved the geodesic dome to a new spot .... which meant fresh grass.... yippee!  but also meant a lot of jostling about as they moved.
  • i had not one, but two broody hens.  one i let sit on a clutch of eggs.  the other i kept shoo-ing off the nesting box area ... she was taking up the entire area and wasn't allowing the other girls on the nest.
  • i have two isa browns that were in a seperate a-frame ... and moved them into the geodesic dome for the short term.
  • egg fertility rate has gone down significantly.  we hatched a clutch at just over 50% fertility.  the last batch that i gave to a teacher for their classroom with only one hatching from that!  ugh!
  • and to top it all off, i was rude enuf to throw the broody hen that hatched a clutch back into the geodesic dome and take her chicks away from her.  how dare i!

the only saving grace is three young layers i bought a few months ago that are finally starting to come good .... so i am getting a few eggs from them finally.

so i reckon it will take a few weeks ... hopefully less.  the broody hens are off the nesting box finally so all have access again.

i am missing my eggs.  both for cooking and for hatching.

really looking forward to that empty nest being full again and my angry birds not being so angry any more!

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