Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fertility Update

been away on a few holidays and spending family time together ... but back on deck now.

we have been hatching chickies! .... current run is 4 hens, 5 dinners (oops!  roosters), four with a broody mamma and 9 in a classroom being carefully watched!  so tick ... that is end is going great!

and the piggies are having fun being pigs!  whoever coined the phrase happy as a pig in mud certainly knew what they were talking about.  

and now we wait .... for our dearly beloved pig, Lucy, to farrow ..... three months, three weeks and three days.  we believe she is about 2 1/2 months in. you can tell she is taking care of herself.  when given the choice between fresh water to wallow in and bulking up the protein, she is going for the food every time  (whereas Polly just goes for the mud!).  we are hoping she will be a good mamma .... if she is we will keep her as a breeder and keep the piggies coming.  she is a beautiful girl and we would cross her with a pure bred berkshire next time.

let me be honest ....i'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.  we have never done this before ... and you can do all the reading you want ... your first time is always the scariest!  animal husbandry 101!  and because we aren't living on the block, she could start farrowing and have problems and we aren't able to help her.  but we will keep our eyes peeled for all the signals that farrowing has started and keep a vigil then.

did a post on facebook the other day .... 
saying guess the pregnant piggie ....
can you tell????