Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sincere Gratefulness

had you wondered where i'd gone?  not anywhere actually .... but the challenges of a dead computer and pathetic internet ... well ... it just won out.

but we're back now and spring is in full swing, and we are beginning to seriously eat off the land and i am very grateful for this.

we processed our first pig a week ago.  and its just one of those experiences that utterly affects you when you realise that this animal is giving the ultimate gift it could to you .... food for our family.  our boy had a great life, and lived the way a pig should live ... on pasture, rooting around, getting muddy.  it is a step that if you are going to live sustainably that you have to take.  taking very seriously that if you are going to live off the land, you have to care for the animals that you choose to raise and ultimately eat.

so i am grateful .... for the opportunity to live this life and provide for our family.  and when it's an animal you have raised from a new life .... it makes it even more special, knowing the personal relationship you have had with the food that is on your plate (tonight that happened to be an egg/leek/onion/broadbean pie with ham steaks! ymmmm).

and the beauty of his life is that he has left behind a pregnant gilt ... a beautiful new cycle of life!

so here is just a pictorial ode to our pigs ... enjoy, as we have enjoyed them!

saying goodbye to reepicheep ... thanks mate!

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