Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Refreshing Reminders

let's take a journey away from the farm.  i have been .... so why not come along for the ride?

last weekend i drove one of our cars down to Sydney to sell.  the market for a late model small cars is better there than in country NSW.   as a treat i took our middle son because he has been really pulling his weight lately and helping out.  boy!  am i glad i did!

it was ... refreshing.  when he is not in the shadow of his big personality big sister or bombastic little brother he really comes out of his shell.  chatter box, non stop talking, questions, all of it .... non stop.

i could say something about how anoying it can be to hear ...

mum.... what about
mum .... did you know
mum ...
Mum ....
MUM!!!!!  this is so cool!

you see ... i was focused on the task at hand.

and then suddenly here we sat in the Sydney Domestic Terminal, T2 to be exact, waiting for our return trip to the Northern Rivers.  eating a subway sandwich (don't go there!  it was better than any other junk food!) and watching the planes take off and land, be loaded and all that.  my boy was awe struck .... fascinated in that utterly boy way by all the mechanics of everything around him.

and i realised, with this great sigh of relief that this is a pick me up .... seeing how my son wants to engage with his world .... watching him grow.  it reminds me of why we did this move in the first place.

a better life
a richer existence
teaching stewardship to our children

all so that we have a world for our kids and grand kids to really enjoy ....

so that's all.  i encourage you to stop and look at your little tykes (or any that happen to be around you) and enjoy how they see the world and be .... inspired.


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