Wednesday, June 12, 2013

leeks x 2

do you love your leeks???

that divine flavour that sweetens your favorite leek and potato soup????  its one of my favorite winter addictions .... just can't get enuf of them.

want a trick to getting more leek for your buck???  i mean honestly ..... have you seen the price in your local stores or markets?  they run at least $1.50 each .... and depending on availability it can be much more!

so here is my trick.  it will work if you grow your own, or buy from a local market where the roots are still on your little precious jewel.

take your leek that looks like this.

what you want is to cut it just above the roots, where the shaft bulges out a bit.
you'll end up with yummy leek for your dinner and something left over that should look like this.

let it sit for a few days .... no more.  you want the roots to just be drying out .... and 
really thirsty for a good drink in moist earth.

then you take it and trim the roots just a bit ...

this will give it something to, well ... grow into for lack of a better word.
you can also see how the top has started to come back already.

plant this little beauty in the soil .... right back in your leek bed, or wherever you want!  
plant just up to level with the top ... so you can barely see the white flesh through
the thin layer of soil.

and be patient ... give it about a week and guess what?

it's another leek .... 
or as i like to say .... 
two for the price of one!  
how great is that.

enjoy!  and be sure and use a few leeks this winter in some great soups and stews!

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