Monday, May 20, 2013

Ugly Veg and Those Darn Piggies!

fall is in full swing here in the southern hemisphere .... and you know what that means.  UGLY VEG.  yep .... tis the season!  there are all those fabulous winter veg we know and love .... brocolli, cauliflower, snow pea's and broad beans to name but a few.

but spare a thot for the humble ugly veg.  my two favorite?  celeriac and kohlrabi!  i love how they look ... how could you not just stop and stare at something like this at the farmers market?  if these gorgeous funky creatures were sitting there i would pick one up and wonder what unscious and juicy creations i could cook up with them!



versatility is the key ... well, along with variety!  both can be used cooked or raw (use shredded for a
my celeriac just waiting to go into the
veg patch!
coleslaw!  yum!) .... or used to fill out a hearty winter stew.  lots of people use celeriac as a straight replacement for potato in winter.  there are so many options.  try here for some celeriac options or this little gem for some kohlrabi links.  and who could ever pass up a Jamie Oliver option for the humble celeriac smash?

so give it a go .... whether growing or buying.  it's great to add a few new veg to your families palate and being creative in the kitchen is always cool!

and as a completely off topic addendum .... how 'bout those piggies!

truly ... it's a pigs life!

working on the last bit of the mini orchard .... and
then they'll be moved on to "greener" nose
plow pastures!  aren't they amazing!


  1. Oh your pigs are so cute! I am really surprised that the pigs haven't escaped. Do you just use electric fence?

    1. Hi Kim! the pigs are so smart! they got trained to the wire really fast! the only time we've had problems is when something has fallen down on the wire and given them an out. but even then .... they just went down to a spot that was shady and wet and when we rustled the pig pellets they came a running! it is going to be hard to dispatch two of them i reckon ..... but it is the reason we got them ..... that will be another huge learning curve!