Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making Mandala's

moved the chickens again today.  a really exciting thing to do really.  it means that not only are we putting the chooks on fresh grass but that what has been left behind is ready to be made into a new bed.  it seemed to be a good time to review the past six months and the process we've gone through.   review is good for the newbie and good for us, because we've made mistakes along the way and the goal is to always grow and learn from that.

so let's start with the goal.  to create a series of keyhole garden beds that are not just functional, but beautiful as well.  in the true sustainable fashion they had to be easy to establish, easy to maintain and assist in getting us to a closed loop nutrient and gardening system.

so here is the goal ....

 six round keyhole beds .... borders of lavender and comfrey (great weed inhibitors!) 
we currently have nasturtium and marigolds planted in these beds, along with 
hyssop and borage as bug confusers.  
thee purple triangle beds have been built to enhance that bug confusion with more
gorgeous flowering plants that confuse bugs and attract great pollinators.  
the goal?  to utilize a geodesic dome and rotate our plymouth rock chooks around 
the beds, creating and reinvigorating beds as they scratch through bugs 
and deposit yummy manure for plant nutrition.

where to start?

this is where we started.  a single round circle that we put our chooks on.  we measured area's, not exact, but approximate, to decide where we should plant.  we knew we would start with the middle circle, so getting that placement is imperative.  we have continued to use this spare circle as we've gone around to help us gauge spacing.  and it's also kinda fun to see where the next bed will go.  the other thing we've done is that the kids have to do poop patrol and occasionally get a wheelbarrow of  cow pats that our calves deposit and put them in the the next circle.  it biodegrades well and the chooks love digging through and spreading it out.

bring on the chooks!

 this is our fort knox geodesic dome.  we lost 4 of 12 chickens to a fox / ferral one night out of greenhorn ignorance.  but we modified our dome and this does the trick.  a chicken mesh skirt covered by corrugated iron and bricks.  also begins the process of killing off the grass for when it's time to lay down the mulch.

so we'll go backwards now to see how the beds have developed.

this is our latest bed.  heaps of newspaper around the outside of the circle (helps to have a newsagent as a good friend for cast off newspaper!).  this is covered with a generous amount of mulch (another freebie from a council mulching!) the straw is infused with manure .... the chickens had been scratching through it for a few weeks.  more straw has been added and the bed will be allowed to sit for a few weeks as the straw starts to decompose.  we'll put pockets of compost / good earth on this soon and do some serious winter veg!

this bed has been going for about two months.  we have a pea macrame at the back, 
numerous broccoli, cavelo nero and my favorite .... broad beans!

and this is our first bed .... it was started about 4 months ago.  
We've had serious crops of snake beans, spinach, eggplant, okra and our ongoing 
favorite, kang kong (filipino spinach).  
gotta love the gorgeous array of colour.

one of the things we learned with this first bed was that we really needed to build it up higher before planting.  the beds breakdown fast, which is great for building up the soil, but means that we haven't had much depth to start growing things in. so, in the normal scope of things we should put the chickens on this bed next .... we are actually going to build it up first with more straw and compost .... and plant a big batch of root veg and green manure to further enrich the soil.

i reckon anyone should give this idea a go.  from backyard to farm.  this will be our "pretty feature" ... and it could easily fit in any backyard and provide you with a beautiful, sustainable veg garden!

a nice view up through our first mandala
bed .... you can see the little triangle
flower patch too!
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