Thursday, April 4, 2013

Closing the Egg Loop

as i did my early afternoon wander yesterday ... just checking on plants and animals ... and enjoying the day .... as you do!  and i did my daily peak into the box for the plymouth rocks .... hoping against hope that they might be starting to lay.  not expecting anything ....

but guess what?????

how exciting!  i know ... it must seem silly to get excited over an egg.  most folks in these parts have hens and get eggs.  but for us, it is what they represent.

we are closing the loop on our chickens .... ensuring that we are completely able to provide for ourselves for both eggs and meat.

remember when we first made the decision to get our plymouth rock chicks?  this is how cute and adorable they were .....

well, six months on and this is what they look like.

this is Bob... our rooster.  he's grown up beautifully.  he has learned to crow properly (this is a sign that they have reached puberty), and trust me .... he has become a randy rooster.

so that little egg .... while it is only the first and after candling, i can tell it isn't fertile ... it represents our first JustEarth grown chick potential.  the next generation of animals that will provide meat and eggs for our table. raised in complete chookiness, enjoying their lives as co-workers on our farm.

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