Sunday, March 24, 2013

Practically Perfect Piggies

they have arrived ... the newest members of the JustEarth work crew!  a belated and ever so treasured birthday present from my better half!  they are Landrace / Berkshire cross.  the kids have named them ... these will be named after characters from the Chronicles of Narnia.  there is one that is a possible breeder gilt .... her name is Lucy.  the other female is Polly and the boy is Reepicheep.

the future is great for these little things as they work with us .... their first job is enjoying the grass and then using those beautiful little snouts as the God made rototillers that they are to create a beautiful foundation for our mini orchard.  they'll be true pastured pork ... and enjoying their lives and then the ultimate and beautiful gift of giving us food for our plate.
the new additions loaded and ready to come to JustEarth.  Lucy is in the
back, Reepicheep is in the middle and Polly is at the front.

Getting used to their new home with a treat of watermelon.

Safety in the corner.

this is a real cuteness shot!

Left: Reepicheep.  Middle:  Lucy.  Right: Polly.

training area to get them used to  electric fencing.

yes, that's me helping Polly into her new home.  she didn't
want to get out of the crate so i did the old "hold 'em by the back
legs so they can't bite you thing."  she was fine and it
is an acknowledged method of how to control them.

pastured pork!

Lucy -- she will probably have a longer life at JustEarth as a
breeder.   great confirmation and a gentle but inquisitive nature.


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    1. thanks! she is gorgeous isn't she???? we reckon she's got the temperament and stature to make a great mama!