Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Market Garden: quantity, timing and variety!

thot it was time for a bit of garden update ....

one of the interesting things about gardening is that there is always room to grow, room to learn and room to adjust and change.  i am having to do all three when it comes to quantities, timing and variety!  and i can tell you ... i am having fun!

i have always been thinking .... if i grow a big quantity, it will go to waste.  how silly! around here, it can never go to waste ... not with hungry chooks and pigs to care for.  let alone giving it away to friends .... you just can't grow too much.  so where i have in the past planted only a few of this or a few of that .... i'm seeding and planting at least a dozen or more!  we'll have winter veg coming out our ears!

with regards to timing.  well, i subscribe to and follow a number of different types of apps that tell you what you should be planting when.  and they are all great.  but the one thing i keep coming across is that when they  say "plant seeds in March" .... chances are i could've started them in February, or even January in the right  conditions.  so we'll start planting things a lot earlier than the norm.  the other thing that we are doing is putting in a greenhouse.  right now we have plants catching varying degrees of sun and shade as they are waiting to be planted out and toting water to them.  not always successful.  having a green house will allow easy management of seedlings and new trees.  and will allow us to start things in winter that can go out much easier for an early spring planting that we couldn't have fathomed before.  

and as far as variety goes ... welll -- the more the better.  sure you grow the staples that you know your family will eat and chow down.  gotta have those.  but there are some great greens and foods out there and even varieties within types that we should be trying. and the advantage is that different types of a particular veg might be fruiting early or late, which will only extend your season.  and what is the worst that could happen?  we don't like it?  ok ... then it can go to the piggies or chooks and we save on feed costs that way.  how cool is that!

so ... here is our first variety foray ... spinach!  four kinds!

from top going clockwise: kang kong (filipino spinach), cavelo nero (just planted out),
malibar climbing spinach (a summer starter), and english spinach (just starting
as this is a winter crop)

and of course here are the other things that are going well in the garden right now ....

okra .... my family hasn't eaten them before...
time to try something new!
eggplant too ... something not that common on our
household,  no time like the present!
it is the season for beans, allums and peas.  so those are in as well.  garlic will go in over the next few weeks.  gonna try something new for planting to see if it will ensure high yields.  first broad bean planting and peas are in as well ... so we just have to wait and watch for those to come up!

things are always happening in our little veg garden .... today i went to our local news agency to get heaps of their left over newspaper as there are chooks to be moved and more beds to be created.  this is a pretty typical sight in our garden right now ....

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