Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Luscious Leeks

OMG!!!!! where have you been?

i've been to London to see the Queen!

no, seriously.  fingers crossed we are back.  we've been through the wars since i last wrote way back in January .... and i'll bring you up to date on that later.  but with fingers, toes and legs crossed, we have a working modem, OK signal and i reckon there is a good chance that i can start blogging again!  one can only hope!  so rather than boring you with what has happened .... i'll give you today's great achievements and personal back pat!

leeks.  i do love them .... and fall has fallen here which means its time to think about rich, full bodied soups that can only be accomplished using fabulous leeks.

today ... our first leeks went in the ground.  woohoo!

this planting actually celebrates several achievements.

our chooks in the a-frame tractor have been working very hard for us and are making a loverly long dug up section of earth that will be our alums bed.  starting with, of course, leeks.  (coming soon are 100's of garlic and onions too!).  this represents  the first hilling for the leeks.  trick:  to get more of that lovely white flesh and less of the green, keep them hilled up well!

this bed represents true succession planting.  the chooks had already been over this area once and it was planted out with cucumber, corn and beans.  that bed went to seed and the  chickens were put back on it and made even more yummy goodness upon which i have planted my first bed of leeks.

i truly love living up here in the Northern Rivers of NSW.  we live in this unique mix of sub tropical and warm temperate .... which means that as far as growing goes, the world is our oyster!

and don't worry .... the next generation of leeks has already been seeded and is about to go out into the baby bed to grow a bit before going to their final location. these are a few weeks old and really need to be pencil size before going out to grow.

it's good to be back.  coming posts will hail the arrival of piggies, the growing mandala beds, surviving torrential rain because of the kindness of friends .....  watch this space.  as long as the modem access holds up you'll be hearing again from us soon!

blessings and have a fabulous day!

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