Friday, January 11, 2013

all in a days work

it's been a while ... i know.  one of the things i have had to adjust to out here with just a wireless connection is PATHETIC internet (i hear those of you farm types laughing already because you know of what i speak!) .... but suffice it to say that getting a connection that will allow me the ability to actually do any work online has been a bit of a joke.  but here i am .... hopeful that this time, if i do it right, i might get this post done.

things are fabulous here (apart from the oppressive heat and my bad ankle (but that is another story for another day .... maybe!).  one of the big principles of permaculture (it is a biblical principle first and formost!!) is living in community .... caring for others and helping each other out.  and oh my goodness....have we experienced God's love, grace and graciousness through a whole variety of folks in our lives.  but here is a typical saturday .... just to give you a hint.

lets start out with our first unexpected momentary addition to JustEarth.  Splodge.  He wasn't doing well, an orphan from a farm of unknown origins and the farmer didn't  have the capacity to care for him.  poor critter was not doing well, and didn't do much better with us.  we could get milk powder into him, but he wasn't suckling .... and if bhe didn't do that, he wouldn't survive.  plan B was to put a foster cow in a crush at the farmers place and allow him to feed.  he is a miracle baby .... apparently recovering astoundingly .... way to go you little boy!

what was good for us was that because he wasn't all that strong, it allowed the kids and i to get up close and personal with a bit of a sense of confidence .... the kids even helped to feed him!  so glad to hear he is doing well now.

 however.... there were other critters in our future .... which meant the infrastructure was lent to us to bring them to JustEarth.
Scott, Alex (farm hand) and Raymie watching the expert check the
electric fencing.
Raymie had to check the voltage .... didn't believe it would shock him ...
he  got a bit of a surprise.
 and so fanny and stray arrived .... not sure of their surroundings .... but healthy little calves that we will grow on the fertile JustEarth grass .....
... not sure what to make of their new home ...
but they quickly adjusted ... amazing how a bottle of milk will calm most babies!
 but we had one more issue to deal with .... what if the calves wandered out?  we had been procrastinating on the fence for a while .... it was time to get it done.  We had all but the big posts in .... and bless our dear farmer friend Bruce (the same guy who gave us the calves) .... he milled these for us and was ready to show us how to do a proper farm fence.
Bruce in action.

it is important to use a consistent measurement when determining the depth of the
holes for the posts .... ours was JJ .... from foot to armpit!

we also had a friend and his kids camping on the block for the night ...
so he couldn't help but get in the act and help put in the fence.
now we could feel sure that if the calves got out .... at least they wouldn't wander!

just a beautiful shot .... the  giant sunflowers are growing like gang busters ....
a gorgeous sight for sure (this is Lea's garden).  and the
beauty of these is that the sunflower seeds are great food
for chooks too!
what an amazing day .... of fellowship, accomplishments and general fun.  it was hard work, and it was accomplished in no small part because of the time and investment of some dear friends.  In the book of Philippians, 1:3 it says, "I thank my God every time I remember you."  that is certainly how scott and i feel.  we are blessed to have these friends in our lives and thank our Creator Father for them.

so after a long hard day, what more could we ask for than to chill around the camp fire .... adults relaxing with a cuppa and the kids enjoying sparkler fun.  it was a fabulous time .... we are blessed.  selah!