Monday, December 10, 2012

Greenhorn Mistake

so ....

thot we were invincible, did we?
thot that whatever we did would be just right and not need changing?
oops .... that's pretty naive!
found consolation in the fact that most people go through it.

our plymouth rock chook population has been cut by a third .... from 12 to 8.

the  culprit, we believe, is a fox.  typical scenario .... got in under the bottom edge of our geodesic dome.  i was angry, upset and then realised that it all happened because of our stupidity and naive belief that we were safe.  i have to say that with our neighbors well over 50+ free roaming fowl ... i was certain that anything would go after them before us.  but twas not to be.  ours were just too tempting a contained feast.

we lost one rooster and three hens.  guess that decides our breeding group!  we will have two roosters at the end of the day that will become dinner.  but the five hens that are left will go with Bob and become our breeding group.  one rooster can apparently cover about five chooks with a high level of fertitility .... so we'll give that a go.

and in the meantime, we have created a meter wide wire skirt around our chook dome. that is covered by corrugated iron and pallets and bricks just to make sure .... a veritable fort knox of safety!

happy to report that while there was obvious signs that something tried
to get in again ... we had a completely safe chook population!
hubby and i have also been talking about what chook dome generation #2 will have ... and we figure the skirt will go on straight away with ag pipe wired on around the edges which can be staked into the ground.  it's about learning from our mistakes .... so each time we do something, it should be better.

the other added benefit of the corrugated iron at this point is that it helps define the meter wide path around the mandella that we will lay cardboard on and mulch on top of that for our walk way.

i should also add that we have succumbed to the need for eggs and bought three isa brown point of lays from a local breeder.  so they have joined the clan now too living in our movable a-frame tractor until the permanent chook hilton is in place in our food forest.

and one final addition to the family.  we had been wanting to get a dog .... specifically a livestock guardian dog (gee, would've been great given our recent loss ....)  but we were having problems working out logicistics and were concerned about our middle son who is a tad afraid of dogs.  so we ended up getting the kids an early christmas present .... a rescued collie x lab and her name is bella.  isn't she divine!  i am sure eventually we will get a maremma .... but in the meantime .... bella is a sweet, smart girl who our kids adore and all have fun bonding with!