Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rhythm of Life ....

JustEarth .... it's been home for almost three weeks now and i can feel it in my bones.

... that Rhythm of Life beating strong in our day to day routine ...

it is satisfying and comforting.

everything seems to be doing what it is supposed to do.  
  • there is pleasure in knowing that if you put a seed in good, healthy soil it will sprout and give you food for your family
  • there is satisfaction in seeing chicks grow into gangly chickens, learning to perch and eat scraps ... seeing them grow into what our Creator intended them to be
  • there is joy in watching water be used to wash with and then used again to feed plants that will grow and fill my children's tummies
just getting up each day .... planning and thinking about what comes next to improve the soil, make it healthy and grow good stuff. 

even getting to know our neighbors, and their errant animals!  we have ducks, geese, chickens, and guinea fowl that come on to our property .... which is fine for now .... i reckon a dog will be coming soon!  and that should take care of that.

so life is finding a normal for us.  the kids go to school, hubby off to work ... i always find time to have a coffee with friends and then doing odd jobs here at the homestead.  we're having a planning session saturday ... to quantify and prioritise our projects.  so i reckon we may be ramping up a bit after that!  

i can't wait!

and this is just a few photo's .... a glimpse of what has become normal for us.  enjoy!

our Plymouth Rock chicks are becoming gangly teenagers.  have been doing
some reading on sexing them and i reckon we have 7 hens and 5 roosters.  the lucky strongest rooster and two
of the hens will become our breeding trio to keep us in chooks!  

hubby mowing the "briar patch".  this area currently has a variety
of different things, but will eventually have all bush berries and produce.
now that we have mowed it, i reckon we'll be putting in a few log borders and
a mulch footpath .... which will eventually decompose and make great soil.

ok .... for all you sticky beeks who have wanted to know how we live .... here it is...
our little  compound.  the big caravan is the male quarters with the annex serving as
our tv room.  the smaller caravan is the female quarters, and the shed houses laundry,
a toilet and shower .... you can see the two solar panels behind the shed that provide
me with a luxurious warm shower each afternoon.

one of my blue berries.  i planted them only a few months ago .... but i don't
seem to be able to stop them from fruiting .... which only supports the fact that they love
our alkaline soil.  these berries mimick what we are doing with most fruit ... getting early, mid and late
season plants to give us the longest season possible.  yummmmm!

the start of our tree nursery.  in my excitement to have lots of yummy stuff growing on
our farm, i failed to remember that they need to be planted in good soil.  duoh!  and between being in
pots too long and getting some severe wind damage when being moved to the property, they are in need of
some tlc.  i am happy to report that after two weeks of being in nutrient rich soil, getting good water and
and undercover crop of legumes they are doing well.  this  area will double in size in the next week.

and this is what you get when errant geese come on your block.  we have a hay
bale down at the briar patch and this monsterous gem was tucked in a corner.  we used the floating
test, it passed and then had it for dinner.  yumm!!!!!