Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Plymouth Rocks Rock!

it's nice to know that good research pays off from time to time.  i have been wondering what would be the best type of heritage chicken to get for our purposes .... and that seemed to be the Plymouth Rock. 

you see, we are looking for a dual purpose bird ... a chook that can meet both our egg and meat needs.  it seems to me that you can find them on both ends of the spectrum ... but there are few heritage breeds left that can give you both meet and eggs.  my research would say that the plymouth rock was one of the last heritage breeds to truly give you both.  sure, they aren't as pretty as some of the others ... but at this point, as much as i love all the beautiful and varying breeds out there ... we need practical.  so the plymouth rock it is. 

and to show how committed we are to this wonderful breed, my family picked me up from the airport from my stay in the Philippines (wonderful trip, worth it's own blog post) and we picked these day old chickies on our way home.

so welcome to JustEarth my fine feathered friends.  you represent the start of a great lineage at our little homestead.  i look forward to seeing which one of you stands out as the best rooster and protector of his tribe ... your lucky future will mean making lots more babies to increase our numbers!  many of you girls will be added to our laying gaggle for num-num eggs .... and the rest of you blessed creatures ...

well, lets just say, i hear dinner calling!


  1. Oh they are so lovely! Do you have a brooder lamp to keep them warm?I have always wanted little chicks here.

  2. Hi Kim! yes, we do have a brooder lamp .... and a brooder hutch. but we are about a week and a half from being on the property and these little things represent a decent financial investment .... so we are giving them a bit of tlc in a makeshift cubby here at the house .... giving the kids heaps of chances to hold and cuddle so that they all get used to each other.

    oh, and to be honest, i have to admit that we will probably end up getting a half dozen isa brown POL's .... i just miss my fresh eggs so much!