Monday, August 20, 2012

... update

so, the caravan is now on sight.

yep ... still needs to go up on bessa bricks and have it's final anchoring .... but it's there ... this will function as our sleeping quarters and wet/cold weather kitchen.  we will have an annex attached which will be
our living room.
the tent will go up as the kids playroom (or our bedroom in summer)

the water tank pad is in .... tank delivery and fill scheduled for this thursday.

the base for the shed is in now too .... grateful for friends in spite of a high wind day 
that meant the shed couldn't go up.    
the shed will house our loo, shower (got a great deal on a solar hot water unit 
w/ panels on ebay!), laundry and a small bit of storage.

power is supposed to be on this week too (going on grid for now .... just, well, cheaper!)

outdoor dinning / relaxing area yet to come .... have seen some great ideas that we will modify to work on this sight.  it will incorporate an outdoor campfire ... for which the kids have become our own junior version of "time team" as they dig up rocks on the property to put a ring around the fire.  man ... who woulda thunk it would be so hard to find rocks!  
but the kids are having fun digging them up!

where we are situated on the block will actually be the future hard core processing / storage area for our broilers, veg and flowers.  in addition we'll have great guest/woofer quarters already set up!  also keeps us well out of the way of the builders when the house starts (nope .... not doing owner builder, we just don't have it in us to do it!).

and in the meantime i have heaps of artichokes, comfrey, tomato's and leek seedlings that are just about ready to plant.  and i'm dreaming of having the irrigation system in to get the beans going, the strawberries have taken as have the blueberries ...and we are weeks away from ordering our first set of Plymouth Rock chicks .... our heritage breed of choice at this point.  

so .... the REAL countdown will start from when we have power on site.  we'll give our notice in our rental at that point and will have no excuse to not be powering forward .... 
excited ... check
terrified ... check
anticipating the adventure ... BIG check!

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  1. Hi Maggie and family! This is so exciting !!! What a fabulous life experience for the kids to see and do the sustainability thing for real. We are aiming at mini veggie patches!! Continue to share and enjoy!! xoxo Nel