Monday, August 6, 2012

Countdown ....

 four weeks to go ... it's done and it's happening.  September 1 we will be on the farm.  so this is week 1 of 4, counting down to us living at JustEarth .... we may still have a few odds and ends to clean up at the rental after that date.... but we will be on the property by then!  i can't begin to describe the underlying sense of bedlam, mayhem, chaos and excitement that seems to be coursing through us right now.  and yes, utter terror also finds its way into that as well.

the best way to combat the terror is to get on task ... gett the mojo shifting.  so we've got our rough schedule of minor tasks for the week.  noting that i can do more running around than scott .... so a lot of that has to fall to me.  and that's ok .... cause that is what a team does!  i have to get the bobcat / auger organised, scott needs to order water tanks and a few other things. 

the biggy for me though is to start sorting ..... AGAIN.  

gee ..... i just wonder how much stuff we will be able to sluff off as we compact our lives yet again?  i wonder if i will feel a sense of freedom or loss?  i reckon there will be a bit of both.

and in the meantime, it was another weekend on the property .... 

Another gorgeous little green tree frog ... truly
can't get enuf of these little creatures.

a break in the mayhem ... let's go for a ride in the back of the trailer!

will have to write a whole blog on this .... the start of the
bush n berries maze .... 6 blueberries, kerriberry and
raspberry all happily ensconced in their little earth cocoons ...

ha!  gotta win over the neighbors .... we borrowed a friends ride on mower
and made sure that the front of the property was neatly mown...
already having dreams of our own country version of Costa's
Verge Community!

the princess isn't afraid to get her hands dirty .... planting tagasaste seeds ....
great legume tree's ..... both for soil and for fodder for animals!

and i saw this sign at the old Yorklea Community Hall out near us and was very excited .....

it's truly becoming a movement up here .... finally in our area!  the word on the street is that the Lock the Gate group is trying to find someone on each street out in the country who will work with the group and the neighbors to try and declare the street "CSG FREE" ..... gee .... might have to get a sticky beak into that one!

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  1. Oh look at your kids faces in your photos....they are happy, really happy. You know you are doing a good thing when you have happy faces like that!