Friday, August 10, 2012

Coincidence? I think not!

just a short update today ..... but me-thinks it is no coincidence that as soon as we get the excavator out to start leveling an area for the caravan / shed / water tank .....

that life seems to be blooming in earnest at JustEarth!  have a look at the first broad beans, true edible and planted by yours truly veg at JustEarth ....!

and amazing .... the ducks have returned .... and they are having a ball!

JustEarth is truly coming alive with the 
sights and sounds of our Father's amazing Creation!



  1. All looking great, Maggie. Can't believe not long ago you had a tiny yard in the Blue Mountains . Sounds like you are having a ball.

    1. Kim ....a year ago now we were packing to move up here! WOW! i didn't expect it all to happen so fast!