Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quiet Revolution

all's quiet on the western front .... or JustEarth front .... so it seems.  been a while since i've posted.  lots of reasons.  distraction has been the biggest part of that, with three kids on school holidays!  more important things to take up my time!  and i wouldn't have it any other way.

but as school holidays started winding down, we found more and more time to be with each other out at the farm.  (is it a farm?  homestead?  property?  there are those who would laugh at me calling 6.4 acres a farm!)

it's a bit of a quiet revolution at our place right now.  friends have been helping out with major bits of slashing and mowing ... we had our first camp fire and marshmallow roast on the property. so quietly and slowly it's coming together.

we've opted to start with our centre section of bush n berries to get the gardens going from our design plan.  a fair bit of this is manual labor ... but with the mowing we have been able to lay the newspaper, manure and straw to begin the try at a Ruth Stout style of gardening.  more on that later, but suffice it to say that she wrote a book called, "How to Grow Without an Aching Back" .... so it's meant to be easier to get going.  and that is what we wanted .... to begin that process and start building the beds.

so i just thot i'd share a few pictures and how it's going.  i'm quietly excited.  i like definition and clarity.  and that is certainly starting to happen!  as you look at these beds .... remember .... we are working our way up the hill .... so these pictures would represent the bottom third of this area.

defining the beds.  also a bit of a perspective on the slope
and height of the winter grass.  that open space near
the bags is under debate at the moment .... i'm thinking
frog pond ....

i love this shot.  building a maze for the kids to play
in and pick their afternoon tea from!

The kids are helping plant out the River Cottage styled
Pea Tree.  It is a creative, rambling way to grow the pea's.
No doubt we will add more branches and twigs as
the pea's require them!
this shows the long straight bed we
have added.  Goes against everything
about growing on contour, I KNOW!  but
we will be drip irrigating and capturing
water in numerous other ways.  this will
eventually be the asparagus and strawberry bed.

a view from down the bottom of the hill to show the
slope.  we will have to combat this a bit.  more on
that in another post.  oh ... and that little bush to the
left is a lemon scented geranium!  smells divine!
so that is our short update.  plans go in to council next week to allow us to live on the land.  it's become far too complicated and i am frustrated .... but sharing these shots, and talking about what we will be growing ... certainly helps!