Sunday, June 24, 2012

everthing i want to do is illegal!

ha!  got your attention!  and you probably know where the title of this post comes from ....

a man i respect and admire .... not just for his perspective on regenerative agriculture .... but because He is a Christian and gets our command in Scripture to be stewards of this planet.  Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.  the blog title is the title of his book, "everything i want to do is illegal!" .... which outlines his struggle to do the right thing against a beaurocracy and government that is so over run by rules that it can't see straight.

which is where we find ourselves at the moment.

Scott went down to the local council office to discuss plans for our shed .... which will include a shower and composting toilet .... to allow us to get on the property and start caring for the land.  he had done all his research .... understood what we could and couldn't do and had a plan.

and they shut him down.  he was persistent and they budged a bit.  but not much!  basically, if we want to do anything sustainable we have to get a certified planner to sign off on it .... which could cost way more than we are able to manage at this point.

that was frustrating.  in talking to folks who live in neighboring councils that aren't having these problems, it is easy to say that Richmond Valley Council is just behind the times.  they aren't thinking sustainably or planning for a green future. ... it is just the same old same old.  as a friend said, we are pioneers in this neck of the woods with what we are doing.  which is great .... but it's a hassle too!

so we are biting the bullet.  more research is being done ... we will not be deterred in achieving this goal of reusing manure of all kinds and recycling the water .... these commodities are too precious to us to waste just because council is unwilling to move forward.  well .... we're gonna help them think differently.  being polite, direct and having all our i's dotted and t's crossed.  there is something to be said for a husband who has worked in the public service for over 10 years .... he knows how to work the system.

and meanwhile .... here sits clarabell (her name until our kids come up with something better!) -- our home on the land for the next year.  she'll go on the land in a week or so ... but her being camped in our side yard represents to me our battle to move forward.  i have no doubt we will get it all worked out .... we have the research and the data to back it up!

doing the right thing shouldn't be this hard ... but if our doing this makes it easier for the next person .... then huzzah!  it was worth it.

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  1. Maggie...I have a solution for you . We came up against many of the same things. What you need to do is go to a private certifier....they will work for you not against you . Once their people have certified things, council may still have to approve certain aspects but they are happy because the legalities fall in the private certifier's lap ..not theirs. It is worth doing and made our lives so much less stressful.