Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drum Roll Please!

and here you have it .... the broad acre plan for what JustEarth will look like, from a permaculture design perspective.  we are overjoyed and inspired .... thank you Bob (the man at Terra Sancta Permaculture) for working with us and creating something that we find easy to commit ourselves to!

with this of course is an almost 100 page manual outlining the different aspects of development and lots of great ideas for trees and system management that is sub tropically based.  we'll be reading and digesting for days!  it includes everything we want .... including a bamboo encircled tropical micro climate that will provide us a great area to grow heaps of Filipino yumminess!

but it gives us a way forward and something we can work on!  

next steps are towards ground preparation and approval to move out on to the land.  the decision for us was easy ... to move on to the land in cramped quarters, but have the cash and ability to do something with it, or strap ourselves with a mortgage and house and no cash -- watching this gorgeous land and not being able to fully utilise it.  a no brainer really for us.

next week:  Scott goes to council to get in the application for a temporary dwelling.  humanure composting isn't really a problem ... grey water disposal is.  go figure!  but Scott has a plan, and we reckon it can work.

target:  living on the property in a caravan and shed/living compound.

remember:  there is joy in the journey!  <g>


  1. That is SO exciting Maggie! It must have been thrilling to see it all mapped out like that. I think that it's wonderful that you are prioritizing the land development over a house first up - I'm not sure I would have that much discipline!

    1. thank you for those inspiring words. certainly helps with the mood today .... if you read over on my choosing simplicity blog i've been getting a few "you're crazy" comments ... i know it won't be easy .... but we feel it is what God has called us to ... and if we follow that then He will be honored! congrats on the new baby btw! you must be having fun with that!