Friday, June 1, 2012


thank you for taking the time to visit the chronicle that is


many of you have followed me on my Choosing Simplicity blog.  that was a bit of my personal journey towards a life that was about sustainability in every way .... from living, eating and even in relationships.  and you can still follow snippets of my personal journey there.

this web site though is dedicated to the purpose and vision of our farmstead.  what we do, where our dreams are taking us.

our successes
our failures
our challenges
our families embracing of a life that is more attached to the land

our start will be slow.  we don't even have a house to live in!

but we have a plan ... and with much thanks to our fantastic permaculture consultant, Bob, from Terra Sancta Permaculture.  and we'll be using that to create a place that is not only sustainable, but beautiful and functional as well.

i can tell you now that mandala gardens are on our horizon
that we will have a milk cow
heritage pigs and chooks are a must
aquaponics will find its way into the mix
i am expecting beautiful flowers (our daughters contribution and idea)
we will have an area that is prolific with typical foods found in the tropics
of the Philippines (to honour our kids roots)

i hope you'll visit often.  i'm not a tech head so i don't twitter (yet) ... but i can take pictures and i can write ... so i hope that you can share in our journey ... and encourage us along the way!

blessings to you and yours!

Psalm 24:1
The earth is the Lords and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.


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